Harmony in view

As interest in the new Scottish island mum site continues to grow I would just like to welcome new followers.  I hadn’t anticipated that there would be so many new followers so early into the project but WordPress do offer us a fabulous networking opportunity and I am so grateful for all the kind feedback that I have received.  With the relief that my existing followers are happy with the new site and the welcoming of so many new followers I am feeling rather blessed.

Suddenly the flood gates have opened on people wanting a view from Scottish island mum but it is important to be very careful here.  I can see how easy it would be to get swept away with it all and start commenting on everything.  That is not the way of Scottish island mum.  I have long since made the personal pledge not to comment on things I am not qualified and/or experienced to do so.  My expertise is very limited but very real and I am letting that guide me through.

As a result of launching my new site I already have interest in every aspect of my work.  I have had enquires on the full range and that includes two more lovely young people to support as they begin to make their way in life.  My golden rule is to stay with them until they no longer need me.  You would be surprised how quickly that comes about and it just illustrates the power behind 1:1 support and guidance.  Progress is swift and I can almost see their wings taking flight.  It is a complete privilege to work alongside these young people and I am starting to think through how I might support more young people at the same time but still hold onto the essence of individual, tailored support.

Today, I want to write about two young people that I am constantly impressed with and neither of them need my support;  they are way beyond that.  I am, of course, biased when I tell you that it is Molly (my daughter) and her lovely man, Scott.  I might be biased but I am also very sure that they make a formidable team in life and this has now entered virtual life.

Eigg 265Molly has been writing and editing her own blog Conservation Stories for some time but she has recently developed it further and re-designed it.  The strategy behind her blog is to educate us on conservation issues through the telling of well timed and relevant stories.  Now Scott has joined her in virtual blog land with his relatively new blog called Nature’s Narrative.

deerThe link is, perhaps, obvious but it runs much deeper than that.  Scott’s strategy is to focus on what humans understand and then translate that into the narrative established in the natural world.  His thesis being that if he can hook his readers in with emotional, physical and social responses that they recognise and understand the leap across to the natural world is less likely to take so much effort.  The result is a clearly constructed and clever narrative and this writer is most impressed.

What is most impressive of all though is the way that the two blogs work together; one speaking to the other in an effortless and completely natural manner.  This, therefore, provides the two of them with further opportunities in the future in the published world.  As they begin to move away from undergraduate and into the postgraduate world they are both capable to getting work published individually and I am sure they will.  However, I can see a route where they might join forces while keeping the integrity of their own conservation voice in tact.  Digital publishing has exploded in recent years but within that there is a very definite gap for Molly and Scott to grab in the form of a topical wildlife (plants and animals) digital magazine using software offered by companies such as Issu.  They don’t know I am going to write this and right about now they will be freaking out at me!  But I can guarantee they will both click on the link to see what I am talking about.

I am about to help another young person move from a personal blog to the creation of a professional one that is capable of presenting her to the industry she wants to work within.  I can not recommend blogs highly enough for young people.  Many employers are now asking young people if they have blogs and they are such a great way to put yourself and your growing expertise out there for all to see.  Blogger is, arguably, the easiest platform to operate on and both Scott and Molly use that software.  It is owned by Google and thus makes connections very easy.  This blog is offered on WordPress which I believe to be much more sophisticated but does take a bit of getting used to.  I also use tumblr for my 356 days of seasonal kindness blog but believe that is best for short posts.

Whatever platform young people use they will learn skills in digital design, writing, editing and networking.  This makes blogging a relevant and possibly necessary part of their education.  So, if you have some time pop across to Conservation Stories and Nature’s Narrative and let them know what you think.  Molly already writes for my sharing site One soul many hearts and now Scott will have a heart attack when he reads that I am looking for an article from him as well…..

molly and scott

I am biased and I am very proud of both of them but beyond that I can see a very bright future for them and I consider it a privilege to be able to watch their wings take great flight. 

Speak very soon.  xx


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