The illuminating light.

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‘The fuller light illuminated all’

On a very stormy island day Scottish island mum comes back into focus after a month of hibernating and writing and not necessarily in that order.

Welcome to the brand new Scottish island mum which I hope is a balance between what we know and what we are still to know.  Tennyson is one of my favourite poets and his poem entitled Revival seems very fitting for today.  In committing the ultimate sin in poetry by just extracting a few lines…..

A fuller light illuminated all,

            A breeze thro’ all the garden swept,

A sudden hubbub shook the hall,

            And sixty feet the fountain leapt.

I am not sure that a sixty feet jump is within me just at this time but I very much hope that the new site will do the jumping for me.  Moving in 2014 my vision for Scottish island mum was to create a lifestyle website that considered my perspective on life as just one way to live.  In doing so I was able to bring with me the journeys and flurries that readers appreciated the most from 2013.

eigg day 3 010If you take a look at the pages listed above you will see the familiar but you will also see the new and that is very intentional.  Like everything in life, Scottish island mum doesn’t stand still so deep in her hibernating month she was busy writing, networking and planning.  This is the result of all that as well as the promise of more.

The roadmap for the site will become clearer as you travel it but at the centre of it all and taking pride of place is the blog.  On this page I will blog as often as I can although that won’t be every day.  In this space I will send readers off to other stand alone pages to see where projects are progressing and where readers might join in.  It is in the joining in that lies at the heart of Scottish island mum and I hope to extend that during the coming year.  In essence the blog will help you make sense of the rest of the site.

In Tennyson’s breeze that swept through the garden I reflected on the gentle wind that seems to carry Scottish island mum to new places that offer new experiences.  January 2014 has been a particularly busy month and not only in the writing of this site.  Interest in the views held by Scottish island mum continues to grow and this even led to an ‘appearance’ on a radio show.  But behind the media exposure Scottish island mum has been busy networking and making her life work better as a whole rather than a series of disjointed projects.

unicef logoThe wholeness supported by Tennyson’s illuminated light places my charity work with children right in the middle.  Although I work with a number of charities it is UNICEF that draws me in time and time again.  The team are truly inspirational and so as we move forward with Scottish island mum a new partnership has been formed. I hope that this partnership will become evident as you explore the pages on this site but I would just want to highlight our fundraising campaign for 2014.  Holding Hands with UNICEF is a project that Scottish island mum successfully pitched to the organisation during her hibernation.  In essence it is a charity walk with a Scottish island mum twist.  The plan is that as many of us as can will do our own charity walk either alone or in groups and in doing so raise money for UNICEF.  The project spans the entire year so you can plan your walk for when best suits you.  There is a real sprinkling of creativity attached to this campaign so to find out more visit the Holding Hands with UNICEF page.


In this illuminating rebuild of the site I have been able to focus my contributions to the world in which I live.  This coming year will see the development of a portfolio of e-courses and e-books that I hope will be useful to many.  There is a lot of writing to be done but I am quietly confident that all will be well.  At the beginning of 2013 I set myself the challenge to write something every day in the hope that it would give me the discipline I require to move my writing forward.  I now write almost every day for at least five hours each day.  I am actually turning down work because I am too busy!

medium_MemoirQuoteMy commitment to my own writing is to finally spend the time I need to pen the courses and books that have been shuffling around my mind for years.  You can see all the plans on my Store pages.  Beyond work that brings in a living from writing I have two other passions.  One is mindful meditation which bridges the two worlds of income based and free economies.  Through my course Writing through Meditation and its associated e-book I hope to make some income but I am also offering further opportunities as part of skill sharing in a free economy.  This is the economy I am most interested in and the work of Mark Boyle continues to illuminate light on that context.  Take a look at the Mindful Meditation pages to see what I mean.

The second area is my continued support of young people.  I reaffirm my belief that young people taking their first footsteps in the adult world do not have an easy time.  There are many challenges to face and I find myself being increasing asked to help.  I do have extensive experience in this year so for 2014 I am allocating some time to this work.  The intention is to find ways to support more young people at the same time through their own familiar media including youtube, online presentations and twitter feeds.  Meantime, I am offering a support service on a one to one basis as I have done for many years.  I am not charging for this work during 2014 as that does not seem appropriate but the parents might like to make a donation to UNICEF.

ross day 1 013

I think that is quite enough for one post!  You will be getting the feeling that there is so much new but for those of you that joined me last year you will, no doubt, recognise the seeds of it all as they were sown in 2013.

In the coming days I will be using my blog posts to help further navigation of the site but I did want to offer a sensible place to start.  The page Scottish island mum 2013 outlines the context but the back story page under the Once upon a time parent page informs those new to the site what all the fuss is about.  It is true that there is a lot of fuss in the world of Scottish island mum but it is a fuss capable to sending us all sixty feet high in the most wonderful water fountain imaginable.

Let’s get on with the ride.

Speak very soon.  xx

fiona doubleday


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