The beginning of the end

In my creative life I have had the most wonderful journeys.  I began life as a dancer but it was when I moved into choreography that I started to see design, textile, colour, highlight etc etc.  I am not sure that I have ever left that space but in recent years I think I might … Continue reading The beginning of the end


Shifting Perspectives – the power of landscape

I have known this since I was a small child. A big landscape helps to put the human being into their proper and defined space. I think, as humans, we can get a wee bit carried away with our own lives.  This can have a tumbling effect as it gathers pace and the small detail … Continue reading Shifting Perspectives – the power of landscape

The very best of accidents…x

Sometimes I start something by accident and sometimes these are the best of times.  At the end of 2016 I suddenly stopped making cushions.  I had had enough of churning them out on my machine and I wanted a new challenge.  This presented itself very quickly when my lack of cushions was noticed!  A very … Continue reading The very best of accidents…x